Hayley van Keuren, Paranoid Hacker with a Shotgun


Name: Hayley van Keuren

Ethnicity: Dutch

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Occupation: Computer Technician

Weight: 48 kg

Height: 166 cm

Hair color and style: A multi-colored mop without any discernable style. Colors tend towards the dark – blue, black, dark red, purple, but there are also strands of white.

Eye color: Pale gray.

Clothing: Black, fishnet and pocket chains, a tendency towards thigh-high and calf-high boots with thick soles and lots of buckles. Which is to say, she owns exactly one pair of each, plus regular black sneakers. No logos or designs on anything she wears.

Piercings/Tattoos/markings (if any): Left eyebrow twice, right eyebrow once, right nostril, left side of the lip, ear lobes and the upper ear. Tends to wear things which obscure it or cover it with makeup (which she rarely wears elsewhere), but old needle scars are visible on both arms.



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