Mendota Mental Health Institute Archives

James Desmond

Most correspondence deleted. Maintained folders for three patients – same patients involved in the break out he disappeared during. Contacts included coworkers – investigated.

Attached archives: Contact List, Complete E-Mail Archive, Miscellaneous Files

Contact list contains a list of coworkers and the expected. Nothing much seems out of ordinary.

Inbox folder arrangement is as detailed above, otherwise does not seem out of the ordinary.

Preserved correspondences include chain e-mails and a few seemingly urgent but actually just junk e-mails. Videos of cute animals.

Miscellaneous – ask GM.

Dr. Sharma

Gary (one of the escapees) was Sharma’s patient before specifically requesting transfer to Dr. Desmond. Desmond was on friendly terms with Sharma – had renewed his contract with the Hospital just before the break-in. Was not known for breaking contracts despite being a bit of a wanderer.

Attached Archives: Contact List, Complete E-Mail Archives, Miscellaneous Files


Sifted from various nurse e-mail archives:

Shirley is a mother of 2. They never visited. The husband only visited occasionally. Heidi is also a mother of 1. A year after her admittance, her husband divorced her. Gary is single with moderately wealthy parents who work for a tech company in Madison, WI. They sent him gifts and letters but seldom visited. Gary insisted on changing from Dr Sharma shortly after Dr. Desmond transferred to the facility.

All three patients had the same variety of mental illness.

And all three patients had more visitors than anyone else, despite their families not visiting.

One of the nurses references ‘that couple’ that visits all three patients, usually once a week. There’s speculation they’re from a charity of some sort.

There’s reference to the woman being a ‘cougar.’

Attached Archives: Contact List, Complete E-Mail Archives, Miscellaneous Files

Chief of Medicine

Couldn’t break into his account. Will attempt again later.

Mrs. Desmond

She’s a secretary for a small law firm and a chair on the Lady’s Gardening Society. Surname is Barnes. Was married in 97 to Peter Desmond.

Not on the roster at least as far back as the digital roster reaches.

Likes furry porn. Really likes furry porn.

Included: Full patient roster for Mendota Mental Health Institute, also full visitor roster. Visitor roster only reaches back 2 years.

Peter Desmond

At the time of the wedding, he had one child already – Jerry. Further back, there’s a missing persons report. Seems Peter went missing for a few days with his wife, Heidi back in 95.

Both were found after a few days, both suffering mild to moderate exposure.

This Heidi is the same Heidi as the patient involved in the break-out, Heidi Desmond. Peter Desmond divorced her a year after her admittance to the mental hospital.

Included: Wedding announcements, Missing Persons Report for the Desmonds


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