Hoffmann Institute

Formerly known as the Institute for the Advancement of Man, the Hoffmann Institute was founded in New York in 1917 by Dr. Itohiro Nakami, where it quickly expanded its original mission of political lobbying for charitable causes to include scientific research when Tomas F. Hoffmann donated significant resources to keep the organization active.

The Hoffmann Institute researches social and economic trends, alternative energy sources, ecological protection issues, and many other topics of interest to humanity’s future. Funding for the organization comes from fundraisers or public and private grants.

Dr. Itohiro Nakami III, the founder’s grandson, heads the Institute today from the New York headquarters. Branch offices can be found in Barcelona, Chicago, Flagstaff, Washington D.C., Cairo, Edo, and Jakarta.

from http://www.hoffmanninstitute.org/

Hoffmann Institute

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