A relatively new German company with little substantive web presence. Reitger appears to be founded by several up and coming tech scene darlings funded by well connected families in Germany and America.

It is unclear if Reitger is a think tank or peddler of technology; at this time, the well designed site requires a password to view anything beyond a mission statement, a contact page and a press release page.

There are a smattering of tech blogs and sites now carrying buttons designed by Reitger, claiming the blog has received an award for meeting a high standard of technology reporting. Blog authors cheerfully follow up award of such buttons with posts about Reitger’s generosity.

Critics speculate this is a cheap marketing ploy to endear the start up to the blogosphere before showing ideas/products while potential reviewers are feeling favorably or obligated to the company.

Saskia Metzger, a woman claiming to be a representative of Reitger, has recently contacted Hayley van Keuren for an unspecified commission.


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