Emily Quinn


Name: Emily Quinn
Ethnicity: White, Irish/Welsh mixed background
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Occupation: EMT, Quinn Family Bakery
Weight: 118 lb
Height: 5’ 2"
Hair color and style: Red, neck-length
Eye color: Hazel
Clothing – Usually seen in khakis and a loose top


Lives just outside Boston with older sister Teagan and their cat Sir Reginald von Floofen.

Parents own and operate the Quinn Family Bakery in Boston. Emily works there at times but is also an on-call EMT. Teagan works full-time in the Bakery, taking care of all the finances and business while their parents, Jacob and Delilah, bake the yummies.

At age 18, Emily and twin brother Connor enlisted in the Army. Emily was one of the finest sharpshooters in her squad, but always preferred helping those with her medical knowledge. After 6 years of service, Emily was discharged for [Information redacted].

Emily hasn’t felt the same since her name was tarnished by the events that lead to her discharge, and secretly hopes to one day turn things around.


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